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Cross Bones Adventures, LLC @
Spring Warrior Lodge
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White Tail:   


~8 pt or better $1,395*

~Small Buck kids hunt start at $825*

Axis Deer:

Axis venison is considered by many to be the finest venison in the
world and we are so blessed to be able to offer the Axis deer to our
hunters. It’s been deemed the best tasting venison out there by
many a connoisseur.  Why don’t you be the judge?!
A native of India, the Axis deer was introduced to ranches in Texas
in the 1930's. There are now over 150,000 Axis deer in the U.S.
The meat is finely textured and tender. Their diet consists of about
one-third grass and a combination of wild herbs and tender new
growth on brush and trees. Other than their native habitat in India
and Nepal, Axis grow in significant numbers only on the island of
Lanai in Hawaii (where they were introduced over 100 years ago
as a gift to the King of Hawaii), on a few deer farms in Australia.
This makes it one of the rarest of all venison available.

~Axis Bucks start at $2,995*

Black Buck:

~Black Bucks start at $2,995*


Exotic does start at $900*

Whitetail does start at $600*

We clean and quarter your harvest at no extra charge.

No hidden fees!!!! It is customary to tip guides a minimum of 20% of the animal’s price.

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