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Cross Bones Adventures, LLC
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Hi Beth and Scott...

Just to let you know we are the envy of our friends.  What a great time we had. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.  It was very special.  Made great memories...and lots of great meals to come. Rick and I feel we have made two new good friends in you guys! We'll see you again. 

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~Dr. Rick Short

St. Petersburg

Beth, you and Scotty were great. Both working hard to make our day. 

Both agreed it was the best hunting day we have ever had.

It was a real and hard hunt. 

Perfect operation, wouldn't change a thing. 

Nothing else needed, perfect 

Been to others and you have a niche. 

A real hunt which US hard to find and in demand. 

Thankyou both again 

~Rick Smith

Tierra Verde, FL


Highly recommended! Great hunt.



~Bruce Pelski

Ocala, FL

Thank you Beth and Scotty McLean of Cross Bones Adventures for a great hunt. This was Michael's and Matthew's first hunt and it was a great and memorable time. One of my favorite moments was when after Michael shot his and your husband asked if he wanted to ride back with his hog and Michael said, "I want to stay here with my dad and have quality time. We will walk back together." We had a great time and we will be back.

~Steve Copeland

Newberry, FL

The hog says it all :)

Hi - Thank you for the email.  The guys

had a great time.  I'm sure they will want

to go again in the future sometime.  Wish

I could have been there. Thank you for

the pics.  That was a big hog!

~Julie Ribezzo, her son, Jonah is pictured

Tampa, FL

Had a great time out there with y'all

today. Me and my buddies

couldn't have had a better time

with even better people. Y'all got

me on a hog of a lifetime and

there's no words to express my

gratitude. You will definitely be

seeing us in the near future :)

thanks again for everything y'all

did today.

~Jack Weinzimmer

Pensacola, FL

Scotty and Beth are two of the friendliest and most patient people you will ever meet. They are extremely knowledgeable and will do everything they can to ensure your hunt is both fun and successful. I would highly recommend their company to anyone who has ever considered hog hunting. I've gone hunting with them twice and I've walked away with smiles, good memories and absolutely delicious meat!

~Becca Smith

Pensacola, FL